An uplifting experience

Yesterday offered a break in the recent winter weather so I took advantage and went to Home Depot to pick up my new lift.  Quite an experience getting it off the flat bed rental truck by myself, using only an engine hoist and floor jack given it weighs in at about 800lbs.

Step 1 : Hook up the end of the lift and pull to the back of the truck.  Difficulty Rating: 5/10

Step 2: Remove the lift from the truck.  Difficulty Rating: 8/10

Step 3: Remove the lift from the pallet. Difficulty Rating: 4/10

Step 4: Remove the lift from the engine hoist.  Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Step 5: Get the lift into the garage.  Difficulty Rating:  5/10

The biggest hurdles were the sheer weight of the lift.  It doesn’t look big but it’s rated to lift 6,000 lbs and is incredibly heavy.

Currently it’s sitting underneath the Cobra which is itself now parked on some 12″ wide planks as it’s too low to drive over the lift.  When the weather warms (note the snow!) I can get the lift operational.

12. February 2017 by Jens
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