Upstate Cobras

I’d been looking forward to the annual ‘Spring Thaw’ meeting at Daniel Clow’s garage in Troy, NY.  It would be my first time meeting the gang and I’d been watching the weather forecast for weeks.  I figured as long as it was above 45F and not more than 10% chance of rain, I’d take the Cobra.  It would be my longest drive yet and good ‘practice’ for the Open House trip in June to Factory Five in MA.

Unfortunately the temperature forecast dropped every day and finally settled on about 31F.  Driving for 1:45 each way in that with no heat wasn’t on the agenda, so I took the Magnum.

A fabulous drive – I’ve never driven that far North up the Taconic State Parkway – so little traffic it was fantastic.  And the views!

Definitely need to do this run again in summer with the Cobra.  A great couple of hours with new friends.

Fun to look over Dan’s Mark III on the lift.  So very different to mine with the solid rear axle.

05. March 2017 by Jens
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