Wings ‘n Wheels : The Baptism

A local car show at the Dutchess County Airport, so I decided to head over.  Weather said 20% chance of rain – weather map looked OK – so I decided to risk it.

I would never have imagined how so little water could get one so wet. There was water coming in from above, from the side, from everywhere. The clip on wiper was totally useless – no surprise there.  I wasn’t going fast enough for the Rain-X to be effective around town, so had no choice but to pull over and wait it out.

Got to the show and toweled off.  I think the car dried out faster than I did.  Car was popular – had many people taking their picture with it. One kid was running around it shouting ‘race car, race car!’ so I did the only thing I could – had him sit in it for pictures.

“Look but don’t touch” – nah, touch all you like kid, enjoy the memories!

03. June 2017 by Jens
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