It said “Classic” Car Show?

A free Saturday, so my son and I took the 30 minute drive to Cortland Manor to a convalescent home that was having a fall festival and classic car show.

I wasn’t expecting much – it was mostly an excuse to take the car out.  I wasn’t disappointed – all of 12 cars!  We parked up next to a 2015 Mustang that was decked out in neon LEDs, every surface airbrushed with skulls, ‘dedications’ to Paul Walker, and boasting of 1000HP.  Oh, and don’t forget the lambo doors – always a crowd pleaser.  When the crowd consists of 8 year olds.

Not my cup of tea but each to his own.

There was a prize awarded for ‘peoples’ choice’.  Apparently we got 3 votes!  I wasn’t expecting any – I turn up at these things having not even wiped the dust off the car and all around me people are waxing up and blowing off that final dust dot and errant fingerprint.

Not unsurprisingly, with a large turnout of 8 year old boys, the Mustang won the popular vote.  The ensuing conversation from the other entrants with their 1960s cars was nothing short of hilarious – “Excuse me miss – it says this is a classic car show.  How is a 2015 Mustang a classic car?”

I can’t disagree.  But then technically my car is also a 2015.  🙂

23. September 2017 by Jens
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