New Car

Well, that’s pretty much what it felt like when I took her out this morning having adjusted the timing.  I never felt that she was running right – started well, idled well, accelerated OK, but just didn’t have the ‘go’ that I expected from a 5.8L V8.

So I ordered a timing light that was compatible with the MSD ignition system, stuck the timing sticker on the harmonic balancer, and went to work.

It was so far out I’m surprised the car even ran.  From 10 degrees retarded to 12 degrees advanced – what a difference.  It’s like driving a new car!  Still want engine work done, but this is a great start.

While wiping the car down in preparation for the Beacon car show tomorrow, I discovered that the driver’s side headlight was loose.  A common problem in that the small metal brackets used to hold the lens in place snap.  Removed the lens and, sure enough, snapped brackets.

Decided to fix both sides.

I doubled up – made new brackets from a sheet of aluminium and also put a bead of clear silicone around the lens.  Should be good for …. ever.

Light back in, prior to reattaching the chrome ring.

14. October 2017 by Jens
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