Following the Seinfeld Principle

It was warm today, 40 something degrees, which for New York in January is positively tropical. So forced myself into the garage for a couple of hours to generate some more dust – mission accomplished. Not a huge amount, but 2 hours of work is 2 hours closer to being done.

Also making good progress on the prototype control panel for my ventilation system. The microprocessor is successfully driving the stepper motor now that I’ve finally found the right combination of parts to use. Will need to add a buck converter to step down the car’s 12V power supply to 3.3V to power it, the full 12V can go to the stepper motor. Also to add a 10KOhm potentiometer to control the stepper position. Then to finish 3D printing the rest of the prototype and try it out. More to come …

02. January 2021 by Jens
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