… and we’re back on again

Spoke to Swartz Auto Body on Friday regarding body and paint. I had spoken to him about 6 years ago, not sure he remembered. Sent a bunch of pictures for him to evaluate and hope to hear back soon with some indication of price.

He’ll need to see the car in person, so spent today putting the car back together again:

  • Body on (thanks again to my pit crew helpers)
  • Front, rear, and side body mounts
  • Fuel filler and cap
  • Doors
  • Driver’s seat
  • Driver’s lap belt (enough to drive legally)

Next up will be replace the front and rear splash guards – needed since they can subtly change the shape of the body, especially around the doors.

Then hood and trunk lid back on, exhaust pipes back on, lights reinstalled, windscreen mounted.

Just hoping now for an email or phone call with an affordable estimate!

24. January 2021 by Jens
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