… and now what?

Having spoken to Swartz a while back, I got an odd email that seemed to indicate that he didn’t really have time for me. I wasn’t sure whether that was regard to the specifics of looking at the pictures I sent him ‘right now’, or that he just didn’t want the work, period. Well, it’s been almost 2 weeks and haven’t heard back, so I suppose that answers that question.

Next up, I called another local auto body shop on the recommendation of a local friend who I know to be a ‘car nut’. Called Joe Que after his web page contact form clearly didn’t work. Had a chat and he said it would be in the $12-$16K range. I think my heart stopped. That’s not going to work – was he expecting to build the car too?

It was then that I heard back from my friend George R. from the Upstate Cobra crowd. I’d approached him back in September but the quote he gave was more than I really wanted to spend. We spoke this week and I think we’ve come to a game plan … I’ll do most of the bodywork (the caveman work as he put it) where much of the labour cost would be tied. I’ll give her a covering spray of epoxy if I want to drive it over the summer, and then he’ll take her in the fall to complete the bodywork and do the paint.

So, that’s the plan du jour.

Today I thought I’d rehang the doors and perhaps crack the Rage Gold tin and have a go at some initial filler application. An hour on the doors (that driver’s side is going to be the death of me!) and then in for some lunch. It was a bit chilly in the garage (it is February in New York) so I thought I’d look up the minimum temperature for the Rage filler. 60F. F***! Looking out the window, 60F is not anytime soon.

So I may have to spend the time on the other areas to work on, notably getting the throttle linkage installed.

Except for that, I need an empty garage bay to place the body. And, as of yesterday, the Cobra has a stablemate – my son’s new 2017 Subaru WRX STI.

So for now, I’m back to the ventilation system design and dreaming of warmer days.

I did get some bling in the mail this week. The louvres from FinishLine finally showed up, together with trim bezels for the windscreen and rollbar from Mike Everson.

07. February 2021 by Jens
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