Weeks counting down

The weeks are rapidly counting down to our annual Catskill Loop, in mid-ish June. And the car is nowhere near any kind of drivable state.

The mechnical throttle linkage is in and seems to work although I haven’t actually driven with it yet.

The driver’s side air blower is tested and seems to work really well. I’m swapping out the plastic blast gate for some much nicer metal ones, those should be here this week. Plus the wire I need to complete the setup and install the passenger side too. The pot that I bought looks like it’s going to be perfect. Just need to model up and print a nice housing for it to install somewhere under the dash.

Started today with the body. Used the 3M filler to fill in the old rear quick jack mount points. Will see tomorrow how that worked – will need filling and sanding with regular filler but this should at least fill the holes.

08. May 2021 by Jens
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