3..2..1.. Lift Off!

Time to catch up on my blog.  With the lift unloaded it was time to try it out.  Some 2x planking went down to lift the Cobra sufficiently high to clear the lift mechanics.  Some tentative lining up and up she went.  The lift worked great, no hydraulic leaks, and went up as if there were no weight at all.

Access underneath actually very good.  I have a plank across the front as the lift arms are actually slightly too wide to engage with the car’s frame rails.  I’m wondering if I can make up some custom arms that will swing inwards?

No problem at the rear, engaging with the outriggers that support the back of the cockpit floor.

Took advantage of the occasion to spend an hour going over everything, re-greasing and checking things are still where they’re supposed to be.

Perhaps this summer I’ll get that logo finished!