On again …

We entertained some friends last night for dinner so I took advantage of the available man power and put the body back on.

Wired up and retested all the lights, fully this time. ?Weatherpack seals installed I found that one of the rears isn’t working – the low intensity filament. ?Swapped bulb, same problem. ?So put a meter across it and no connection. ?I took it apart as much as I could but it’s clearly a ‘non servicable’ part, so will have to call the factory tomorrow and order a new one. ?Otherwise all working well.

Spent some time working cardboard templates to determine the amount to trim off the rear. ?Also need to work out how to attach the body at the rear now that it’s about 1.5″ lower. ?Picked up some gasket sheet for the fuel cap and started working on that.


There’s very little clearance at the driver’s rear wheel – not even enough to get a finger in there, so going to need to do a little grinding of the wheel well to prevent some interference when driving. ?Nothing that won’t need doing on the body anyway, so no harm.